Friday, August 29, 2014

Getting My Mojo On!!

10 x 10 canvas board
Intuitive painting

This is how it started

I love how this small painting turned's the colors that do it for me.  I started by taking two shades of blue and some white paint and spread it on the canvas.  Then I took some paprika colored ink and dripped it on the canvas.I blotted with a paper towel that gave some nice texture.    I used my brush and added the round circle and the blue marks on the left side. I rotated the picture.  I added some yellow....

The image began to change

The ball became a flower and the colors at the top right became a house.
Red, blue and yellow are my favorite colors to work with.  I really like how this little painting turned out.  I didn't start out with a pre-conceived idea of what I was going to just evolved as I kept adding marks and colors... I'm working my way up to the larger canvas I bought.....

The thing about just have to start....and see where it takes you.

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