Sunday, August 3, 2014

She Walks On Clouds

Art Journal
Collage-Mixed Media-Gelli-Art

I was chatting with my sister on the phone this morning about our various art interests...she had emailed me about an article she had read by Elizabeth Gilbert...who says you should take 30 minutes out of every day to do whatever is creative for you....whether it's writing, or painting name it for you.  We all know what we should do...the question is, how often do we do it!
So after we hung up....and still feeling the creative juices going after taking the Paint and Wine class last night...I started to look through some of my papers.  
I came across the bold, black graphic on the right hand page in my napkin stash...that was the start  Then came the pink paint...finger painted...don't underestimate finger painting!  You can get nice techniques, especially doing a background.  The "wing" of what became the angel, I cut from a scrap of floral wrapping paper. I didn't know I was going to do an angel initially, but the more I looked at the wrapping paper...that one little piece looked like a wing to me.  I then went through some of my Gelli-Art prints and found the paper that became the angel's robe...pinks and metallic was perfect.
A close up of some of the robe and the loops of gold I added with a pen..

Close up of the napkin and quote.

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