Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playing with Ideas

I have a couple of different things going in my art room, but I am especially interested in doing a "House" book, inspired by Angela Cartright's book, In This House.  I've cut several pages of a house shape out of watercolor paper and last night I started to "play" with it.  But it's not easy!  I'm used to painting my pictures and this is really more collage work, lots of layering and so forth.  So it becomes a question of what I want to show and what I want to be "in the background", having been sanded and painted over.  So, I'm at the very beginning of this page.  I put some color on the page and I glued bits of music because my house is nothing if not musical.  But the music will be an "underlying" theme in my house pages. 

Now I need to take the next step on the page, but I also feel like I need to collect more materials so I have lots to choose from.  It all takes ....time.  And I want this to be good....incorporating bits of my own home and life and part of things I just happen to like.

So here is a  page of the beginning.....not necessarily the first page of my book, but who knows....

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