Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And the word is....OPUS

You know....I recommend a Word Journal for every doesn't have to be an "art" thing....but words are powerful.  

I watched a movie on TV recently that I wanted to see when it came out in the theater...and it's been on TV numerous times....and it was made in 1995....and yet, I had never taken the time to see's Mr. Holland's Opus and it's a fantastic movie that everyone should see....we are all teachers of some sort....and those who make teaching their should be required viewing.  I can't believe I hadn't seen it before now...but better late than never.  
So...inspired by this movie, the next word in my Word Journal is.... OPUS.  
The top photo is the left page, the one directly above is the right photo.  Here they are together....  underneath the cd cover I have written about how music is a big part of the memories of one's life....going to dances, a song that makes you think of your first boyfriend, special moments in history, places you've lived and so on.   In the end, think of your life as a musical would it sound...hopefully those you've touched...will applaud at the end."

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