Monday, August 6, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

This past weekend was muggy and hot...not my kind of weather.  So I loved having the excuse of staying indoors and doing some more art work.  The pages above are in my Strathmore Journal.  I did the background pages first using the Caran d' Aches water soluble crayons.  These crayons put the richest colors on the paper and then with my water color brush....just moving the color's so much fun.  On the left I painted.  I didn't have a picture to look at, no lemons in my fridge, but I put together a still life... I kind of like the page....I love the colors and am of pleased with being able to create the transparency of glass...without looking at a glass pitcher.   
The picture on the right...I loved how the crayon background came out and I collaged the butterfly, frog and the bird.  I am anxious to keep working in this journal....and experiment with being more "free" with my art.   Is there a rainy day coming up next weekend????  I was going to show the individual pages...but my computer is giving me trouble so this is what you get.

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