Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Sea

Free To Enjoy The Sea
Red, White & Blue Journal

It must be the hot and steamy weather we're having that made me want to do these underwater pages in soothing colors of blues and greens.  I love the ocean.  There are "lake" people and there are "ocean" people and my summer vacations growing up always revolved around going to the beach, packing junk food snacks for the ride in the station wagon and to yelling out "I see the ocean", first, before anyone else in the car as we approached the seashore.      
I finger painted the background, and I added bits of a napkin with shell images and other sea life; the long skinny strips of paper are actually from a very large photograph of a blue lobster; and the circles remind me of bubbles; and the little brass sand dollar just because I liked it.  I titled it "Free To Enjoy The Sea"....because we can...that's my little patriotic inference to this spread.  Below are more photos....

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