Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Language of Flowers

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I started these two pages by painting the background cobalt blue.  I picked up this floral stencil page yesterday and couldn't wait to try it.  So I put some white paint in a spray bottle and....ta da!  And then I didn't know where to go from there.  So I decided to pull out my oil pastels and add some floral shapes.  I wish that I had used my water soluble crayons instead, but you have to try things and see what happens....I had this tiny note card in my stash from the Metropolitan Museum of about a beautiful piece of art!!!  I decided that was going to be the ultimate focal point of these pages.  As you can see, on the inside of the card I rubber stamped a simple flower and I wrote ..."the language of flowers".  I just finished reading a novel that was on the NY Times Bestseller list by that title, The Language of Flowers.  It's interesting to explore what different flowers mean....I digress.
I also had this wonderful piece of translucent paper and the pattern on it reminds me of the stencil pattern on the background of these pages.  I used that to make the note card stand out.  My son gave me beautiful red tulips for Valentines day....When the ground is covered in can't help but let your mind drift to the weeks ahead and the first flowers of Spring.

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