Wednesday, February 20, 2013



 Art Journal
Collage/Mixed Media

Oh my....did I have fun creating these two pages! Usually I paint the pages side by side, but for whatever reason, I decided my angel needed to be top to bottom.  The first thing I created for this piece were her wings....I knew I wanted musical wings.  Music is such a constant in my life, I like to put it in my art whether it's these musical napkins that I decoupaged to these wing shapes or, sometimes, I put song lyrics with my art inspiration.  The next thing I knew I wanted were striped leggings....I know....isn't this a strange approach to an art piece!'s true.  I just put things on her that I like...the stripes, polka dots, a red sweater with a heart and everyone should own a pair of red shoes....I had no idea she was going to end up this large, but she is indeed, bigger than life.  That is why I made the buildings small behind her legs.  And I had to have all works.  At the bottom I stamped on the left side, "I believe in Angels" and on the right, you can see "Do You". you believe in Angels?  What do you think they look like?  Do they walk among us?  This is my Angel vision today.

Here's a close up....

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jeremy said...

Indeed. Every one of us.