Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TREE OF LIGHT....still up!!!


This is the post-Hurricane Sandy tree of light from earlier posts....I kept it up through the holidays and haven't had the HEART to take it down yet.  So now, on the eve of Valentine's Day, I decided to post about it yet again, as I've added quite a few HEARTS to the birds and stars that are already up there.  It warms my HEART to look at it and I can be corny because, it is, the eve of Valentines Day.  It's also the beginning of Lent as today is Ash Wednesday.  Tough time for those who give up chocolate....but Lent doesn't have to always be about giving up can also be about adding something to your life or the lives of others. 
I decided to send my two sisters Valentine coffee mugs...not anything they were expecting, but since we live in different states, it is my way of "sharing a cup of coffee" with them and sending my love.  Since the tragedy in Newtown, doing good deeds has been the focus of many...I hear about them on the radio every morning.  So....share the love you feel on Valentines Day throughout Lent...just keep it going....think of all the little things we can do each day.  You don't have to be a church-goer for this...just think about giving more than receiving.  It will warm your HEART for sure.  I am corny...I know.

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