Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Few Days the Hudson River Valley

View of the Hudson River from
The Eagle's Nest

 And from this spot in the backyard,
my sister and I
could look out at the River
and have some fun creating these....
colorful decorated papers on deli paper and
card stock
I will use in my art journals
and altered books
the views were amazing of 
boats and barges traveling on the River;
and watching the trains go back and forth;
the train whistles were a soothing sound
A blackberry tart with a 
lemon basil cream filling....was divine
from Henry's Restaurant at the 
Buttermilk Inn & Spa

Lunch at The Torches Restaurant in Newburgh
(not our table....sort of took advantage when this
couple leaned out of the picture)!

A relaxing spot to take it all in at the 
end of the day....

We created a lot of art outside
I have more to show, but not quite finished yet!
More to come....

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