Saturday, August 31, 2013

Someone To Watch Over Me

Here I go again....inspired by old classic, Someone To Watch Over Me.   A lyric often gives me a starting point when I want to do some art.  This particular art work is inspired by an upcoming (November) event we have twice a year at my church and it's called Jazz Vespers.  It's going to be an evening of art on display from fellow parishioners and jazz....we have some very talented musicians in our midst.  This is going to be one of the featured songs...
Art Journal
Mixed Media

The left page is painted, I used molding paste with a stencil to form the wings.  I did them on a separate piece of paper and then cut them out to place on the page.  The center of the dress is made from pieces of torn deli paper that I printed during my vacation.  I added the words...Someone to watch over me....
A closer view of the deli paper dress....
The background of this page has a complete piece of deli paper that has big stars.  I loved how the paper printed and didn't want to tear it up so I glued the entire piece to the page.  I added coats of gesso and decoupage to it because the paper is delicate.  The last coat is clear gesso so I could paint on it.  Originally, I was going to just leave the page without adding anything to it.  However, the lyric to the song says, I'm a little lamb who's lost in the wood," etc.  So to make it really work, I added the trees and the little lamb.

If there's a song in your head that won't go away....maybe you need to "put it on paper"! 


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