Saturday, August 31, 2013


I created this little Be(e) book while I was on vacation....I had the book in my stash... it just had blank pages....I completely altered it, the cover and inside.

This little book is inspired by the song Let It Be, recorded by The Beatles, and written by Paul McCartney for his late mother.  I added the bee theme...just because it worked.  As I read the lyrics to the song, it reads like a this is sort of a little inspirational...prayer book.  Prayer comes in many forms.
This is the outside cover of the book.  While on our "art" vacation, my sister and I created many prints on deli paper so this cover reflects several of them, torn and glued and then decoupaged to seal them.  I had the bee in my stash...and the buttons on the cord...well, I think they look sort of like beehives...
This is inside the front cover.  Again, torn deli paper and the bee on the right...I got from Pinterest.  The quote on this page is from my local, weekly newspaper and it says..."You learn something everyday if you pay attention."  
These pages I've added a bit of paint to, stamped the bees and the flowers and collaged the musical notes.  This is the 1st page of the lyrics to Let It Be.
The left side here has more of the deli paper we printed and I collaged the music w/bee.  The right hand page I added some deli paper at the top and I stamped the two blue flowers; a stamp I bought from an artist in Australia, Ro Bruhn.  And more lyrics to the song/prayer.
The left page has a bee from Pinterest, rubber stamped flowers and some marbled paper I had...added a little doodling around the perimeter.  The right page has deli paper (the polka dots), rubber stamped flowers and some washi tape top and bottom.  And more lyrics to the song/prayer.
The left page has one of those records you used to find in the back of a library book.  I decorated a tag and added it and the red paper is deli paper. The black yarn is knitting yarn I had. The right hand page is the inside of the back cover...more deli paper, and collage.
The bee I got again, from Pinterest...
So...that's my little bee book...hope you like!


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Gwen Buchanan said...

What a treasure! full of imagination and surprise. it has a happy feel.