Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspired by a Youth Group

Art Journal
Mixed Media

I'm doing something I've never done with our church high school youth group and we just had our first meeting.  To learn a little bit about them, I went to my comfort  I asked each of them to tell what their favorite color is.   That became the inspiration for my latest art journal pages.

The left page with all of the circles represents our teens.  Around the perimeter, I have lots of "helping" handsI have many layers of paint on these pages.  I also have some torn pieces of pages from our local newspaper's high school sports section...they are layered in there....
 The right page has stars (symbolic!) and a "window" with words like Hope and Trust and a quote that I really like by William Henry Channing. If I got this much inspiration from the first meeting...whoa!  Looking forward to the next.

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