Sunday, October 6, 2013

Paint & Wine Class

Trying to see the forest for the trees....

Inspired by the late Canadian Artist
Tom Thomson 1877 - 1917

I think this has been the most challenging painting of the Paint & Wine classes I've attended thus far....trying to capture someone else's  vision of the forest...and it's quite abstract which is not something I'm used to doing.  
I love painting trees, but I've never painted trees like this...perhaps they are some Canadian tree I'm not familiar with.  There is a lot going on in this painting...lots of color!  I did tweak it a bit this morning...2 hours isn't a lot of time for an entire painting...for me anyway.  Overall, I think I like it.  I friend attended last night's class....her first attempt at painting...I love what she did and I hope she loves her painting as well.  As always, everyone's painting was different which is what makes it all so interesting.  Your handwriting isn't the same as anyone else' why should your painting be either.  We are all unique!

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