Sunday, October 13, 2013


Art Journal
Acrylic with sequin embellishments

The weather here in New England has been spectacular.  I didn't paint a fall scene...maybe I'm not ready for all of the leaves to drop!  But on the beautiful day that it was yesterday....I spent 3 hours in my attic.  It's crunch time!  My attic was in disarray and it needed some attention before it's too cold to go in there.  There's that window of opportunity between when it's too hot in the summer in the attic....and too frigid once winter sets in.  So I feel like I got lots accomplished.  Nothing like throwing stuff out....great therapy.  Christmas stuff is all together;  my son's collection, ready for him and my own things....still more to pitch but it feels so good to get things done.  And I still had time to paint.  I painted this house scene....makes me think about how important your home is to you, no matter the size or the location. I didn't add any creatures...the only sign of life are the footprints on the lawn.  All of the life is going on inside.  Day and night.  The colorful swirls in the night sky are sequins.  I love to look at the night sky while I'm waiting for my dog during his last "out" of the evening.  The sky is a jewel box! 


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