Thursday, October 24, 2013


I'm home this morning, waiting for a plumber.  Is there anything more annoying?  So I pulled out some of the GelliArt papers I had done and chose this one done on card stock.

I was going to glue it into my art journal and alter it in some way.  I kept turning it this way and that.  I really liked the way it looked just as it was...but I kept looking at it.  Halfway down the paper, I saw a horizontal blue line and it made me think of shoulders....and the patterns below that line were many and some rather elaborate.  To me it looked like the jacket a matador wears.  As I looked at it some more, those circles....I could find the matador's hat in them.  And so the painting began.

 I think he's going to go in a frame.  He's about 7 x 8.  Matadors have very fancy coats so he's got a lot of gold on him.  I didn't see a plumber in the page....The Matador provided a nice distraction while I wait....and...he's kind of cute!

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