Sunday, October 27, 2013

Artists I Appreciate

Art Journal
The Omo People

 If you're not familiar with the Omo people....then you should Google them....
They use nature's bounty to decorate themselves.  They are amazing.  I would like to paint a picture of one of them...but I'm not ready yet.  If I were a doll maker, I would be making dolls from their images. Isn't the face above incredible?  True artists.

 On this page, I used a piece from my GelliArt monoprint stash.  It adds some texture and color but I've painted over some of it as well and added the floral rubber stamps.   I've added the quote "Here everything has a story"....writers do it with words....artists do it with images.  The true meaning to a painting may only be evident to the artist, but, hopefully, the viewer has an experience, their own experience, when they look at the art.  Happy Sunday.

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