Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I pulled out an old journal (2011) last night that was only half filled.  It's a journal that I was practicing techniques in.  The last two pages that I had done anything to were these.  I had done some technique to the background and never did anything more with them.  You can see some kind of stencil activity if you look closely.  At any you think I remember now what that technique was to replicate?!  
I decided to sketch a pear from a wire pear I have in my kitchen.  It's about 7-8" tall and I love the whimsical quality of it.  On the opposite page I was going to do a "pair of pears"'s all about the pear, pair, pare!  But, as you see, I got carried away...and there are lots of pears here. The page already had the blue background and I painted the golden colors and rubber stamped with a couple of cool pear stamps that I just love.  I could do a whole little journal just on pears.  I have no idea why...just love their shapes.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

I agree.. I love the look of pears.. and your interpretation is wonderful..