Sunday, April 27, 2014


The Documented Life Project
Mixed Media

I don't generally have time during the week to work in my art journals.  I shouldn't call it "work"'s my outlet.  At any rate, I did find the time and the beginning of this page started with a piece of a remnant page I had from a Gelliart print that I happened to like and have used elsewhere.  Then I found the little pen & ink picture of a Country House (I love the cottage look) so that was the next addition to the page...then came the flowers, the circles and pen work to complete the page.  I especially like how the colors worked out.  
On the opposite page, I stitched a piece of paper that I received from Frances Pickering when I ordered her book, Page After Page, about 3 years ago.  

The book is wonderful, has beautiful,  colorful illustrations....amazing.  You can see the stitch marks that she sewed on this piece of paper...which is why I added similar marks to the art I did on the opposite page.  I used my sewing machine to attach her piece to my page.   When you lift that page, it looks like this underneath....

So, my thanks to Frances Pickering for inspiring my art on these pages.  
(I ordered her book from the UK...)

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