Friday, June 27, 2014


Art Journal
Acrylics, Pen
I had a lot going through my mind when I created this page in my art journal today and when I started it, I wasn't sure about painting it without the upper half of the body.  But it is the lower half that speaks to me more.

I have a new colleague at work and she's downsizing.  She is having trouble parting with some of the sentimental things, especially from her daughters childhood.  I told her how I always loved Raggedy Ann...although I never had one.  I wasn't a "doll" person. But Raggedy Ann is in a class of her own. She's more than a doll.  She's whimsical....and she is "artsy"... a girl who truly has her own style.

So I am now the possessor of this Raggedy Ann and she inspired me today. 
What do I love absolutely the most about her?  The painting tells you...her striped leggings.  I ADORE STRIPES.  I even have a Pinterest board by that title.  I think I can credit Raggedy Ann with my love of stripes from an early age.

Fast forward to June 2014, and my thoughts turn to all of the graduates...they're in this week's paper.  How could it be 8 years since my son graduated from high school???  This painting is a message for these graduates.  Put your best foot forward...find your true to yourself.

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