Sunday, February 15, 2015

Documented Life Project - Layering

Art Journal 
DLP - Layering
Acrylics, Pen, GelliArt, Collage elements, Fabric ribbon

It's February and bitter cold.  You can't do art journaling without including Valentine's Day...what else does February offer us?  The ground hog saw his shadow and we are screwed...pardon my French. The Documented Life Project encourages us to practice layering...that's what makes your pages interesting after all.  You can see a lot of writing "underneath" on this page.  I was reminiscing about Valentines of long ago.  It doesn't matter that the viewer can't read what I wrote but it does add to the entire look of the page.  
My nickname growing up was (still is) Queenie...Queen of the May when my birthday is so I have a letter popping out of the mailbox that says "Queenie, You've Got Mail."  There is a stamp on the mailbox that says "Royal Mail."  A few years ago I ordered a book by Florence Pickering...a British artist and it came in a padded envelope with that stamp so the Queenie kind of worked nicely with the Royal Mail....
A couple of close-ups of the page...
and another....

All of my pages have a lot of blue in them this year....there are just so many gorgeous shades of blue.   Lots of wind and snow outside....I'll have to head to the art room to distract me and pray we don't lose power.

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