Thursday, March 5, 2015


Acrylics, Gelli prints, ink, collage

When I look at this post next year, I'll remember that this was quite the winter if I title the post "I REFUSE TO PAINT SNOW".  I'm about to head out and shovel some more....there is a sheet of frozen slush under the newly fallen snow.  The area roads I travel on my way to work are beginning to buckle.  Today I caved in to the weather and stayed home from work to take care of my house.  I paused to create some art to distract me from what's going on outside.  While it is beautiful....we've had it.  

The bird pictured here was in a packet of fun papers my sister gave me at Christmas and she carved this bird.  Love it and love when I find the perfect home for things...Birds are on my mind as I'd been putting out suet for them.  But the suet is gone and I don't have any more and I'm not sure I could even get to the tree to replace it...the snow is quite deep.  

I threw a baked oatmeal cup under the tree and hope that there is something there they will eat....

The snow in the front is piled about 4' high.  There is a boxwood hedge somewhere in there.  But the don't see much of the trunk....that's how deep it is and that's where the suet is hanging....all I can say's not Boston.....

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