Saturday, March 28, 2015


Prayer Flags
Displayed in Church
for Palm Sunday

It's been awhile since I posted....not that I haven't been creative, just working on this prayer flag project.  I spent a couple of hours this morning, hanging them with my very creative friend, Meredith.  The prayer flags were created by the youth and adults in our parish over a couple of Sundays in March.  And there are a few flags from non-parishioners. The lighting wasn't conducive to taking great photos this morning because of the bright white from the snow that's still outside.  I like the above photo where you can get the idea of them hanging along the wall down both sides of the church.

There are also torn strips of fabric that parishioners made knots on as prayers were said for their loved ones or for all of the things we know need some prayers.  The strips are hanging in between the flags.  

The eagle flag was created by Audrey;
 photos printed on muslin with a wonderful quote.  

I may not have stuck to what I gave up for Lent, entirely; but what I accomplished  with this prayer flag project was very fulfilling.  Amen.

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