Saturday, April 4, 2015


Art Journal
Watercolors and Watercolor Pencils
Using an Inspiration Photo
from Coastal Living Magazine

After I painted the vase of flowers on my previous post with the inspiration photo from a magazine, I decided to go back through a couple of my folders where I keep photos that I've torn out of magazines....sort of like Pinterest...but in a paper file the way we're used to doing.  However, those photos never see the light of day.  That being said, yesterday I took a half a dozen of them and glued them sporadically throughout my journal.  It's a great way to avoid the "white page" syndrome.  
This is where the page started.  
I did a very simple sketch of the eggs and then started to lay in some color.

I added some writing to the left side which I will continue to do when I'm using the "inspiration" photos.  That's where I write about why I chose the particular picture, or comment on the colors used, the medium, etc.  

Since it's the day before Easter....had to get my eggs photo in. 
 Happy Easter to all!

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