Sunday, November 1, 2015

How's Your Journey Going So Far?

Art Journal
File folder pages/Mixed Media
I bought this journal a year ago or so at our local mall.  It had brown paper pages inside that were glued so tightly at the binding, that they weren't really user friendly. I removed those pages.  But I didn't buy the journal for the inside...I loved the fabric cover.  I decided to use primarily manila file folders for the inside pages.  As you can see, it's a small journal.

I spray painted and used stencils when I first put colors on the pages.  This made it easy for me to pick up this journal and add embellishments/words, etc. when I had something to add.  Today I had something I wanted to put in this book.  
These pages are very basic in terms of the art.  What was important to me was having a place to capture the words on the paper I glued down.  It's from a little booklet I pick up at church called Day by Day.  Each day of the month has something written by a different person based on a quote from scripture.  Now I'm not going to get "preachy" on you here...I believe faith is very personal but here is what the writer says...and tell me it doesn't speak to you on some level:

We all experience endings.  The hard part for us is letting go of the old dead things.  It is hard to let go of dreams about where we thought we would be at certain points in our lives--jobs we might have had, risks we might have taken or shied away from, happy endings we might have imagined.  But we know that in order to embrace something new, something better, we have to let the endings be what they are and step into the new with joy and awe.

Below are a couple of more pages in this book so you can see how the ink/stencils look.  I have posted a photo of this before but I do love these two pages.  And I kind of think the quote on this well with the one above.  It says:  Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life. - Anonymous.
  Food for thought.

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