Thursday, November 5, 2015

American Flag

MIXED MEDIA - 6pages 
Last weekend I glued the American flag onto the page.  It was a photo of a journal page I had done before, but this time I printed that photo on deli paper. Making a print on deli paper from your copier is a cool technique.  Opposite this page is another American flag, albeit not in good condition.  I actually tore this page from another journal (from 2013) where I was trying an image transfer.  The flag looks like it's had a rough time but sustained.  The blue paint chip is called "Bravura".  And I also have glass gel beads around the perimeter.  
When you flip this page over...

The page on the left has 3 heart shapes on the left side that are cut from pages in a Pottery Barn summer, white & blue.  The picture on the right is from that same journal and is a painting of a little summer beach cottage which I call Haven.  The door knocker is a peace symbol. The American flag flies over the doorway. 

 Then when you flip that page over...

you get a 3-way spread.  I know it's hard to is the right side page...

The fish page has a paint chip that is called "Still Life." (A little humor here). I used my sewing machine to stitch the fish page to the chair page.

This page...I just made a messy background which I actually like, and glued the photo of a chair with, white and blue...a closeup..

Journaling is about capturing things on a page that you like.  

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