Friday, July 16, 2010

I Love Friday Nights....

....the work week is behind me, and the weekend stretches before me.  I love catching up with my sister, Dianne, on how her golf was this week and on all of the "art" stuff that we're interested in....while I'm sitting on my deck enjoying a cool drink.  My brother, Bill and Kathy, are enjoying a trip to Colorado for a friend's wedding...and my younger sister and her family are settling into their new place in IdahoWe're all so far apart....we need another reunion!!!

I'm working on some new journal pages ( I'm not going to mow in this heat!)  It's hard to explain, but I just love the way I feel when I walk into my art room...
One of my biggest challenges is finding what I want...when I want it.  So I found these great Mary Engelbreit tins with you can see what's inside and I filled them with spools of ribbon.  (The skeleton is  a memento left from my Frida Kahlo workshop....)

 And this is just a picture of various containers on the edge of my drafting of them I stuffed Christmas lights into.  You should save those wonderful glass bottles you get spaghetti sauce in!  Recycle, recycle.  And ...there is a mug from Tom...when he was a little guy.

And I want to post the picture of Bill and Kathy in's a nice one of them.  We just had such a wonderful visit with them in Atlanta!!
 So....that's my Friday night post.  Made homemade photo...It didn't last long enough for me to take one.  :)

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