Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Cabinet Update

I have to say that this cabinet is my favorite piece of furniture in my house.  It's nothing wasn't expensive (consignment shop!).  It was someone's old dining room cabinet from decades ago.  And I think I gave it a new lease on life.

The light is very bright from the snow coming in the windows, so it's hard to see the details.  However, I decided to take the old handles and knobs that came with the cabinet and paint them black.  They were a tired, old least that's what they looked like.  I also added a bit of gold down the piece of wood where the doors meet on the bottom.  I wanted each section of the cabinet to have some gold.  And I added a small black star at the top...again to make the cabinet have some uniformity.  I added some more gold to the dentil molding on the top so it shows more (although you can't really see any of the gold in this photo).  I still have touch-ups to do but I really love it and it's working just great in my art room.  My sister had suggested that I add a harlequin pattern on the sides...rather ambitious...but I haven't ruled it out (did I ever mention I'm not good in math?) because once I finish the cabinet, I want to seal it so it preserves the painting I've done on it.  At least that's my thought at this moment in time.  If you go back numerous postings, you can see how the cabinet looked when I brought it home. 

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