Sunday, September 2, 2012


Going Round in Circles
What to say about these pages....I wasn't going to post them.  They are more or less just an exercise.  The right hand page has very little paint on it, more of the ink that made the bubbles, circles, etc.  The left hand page was done with water soluble crayons.  I wasn't feeling terribly ambitious yesterday, but still wanted to do something.  I tend to gravitate towards....circles in art more than sharp angles.  They are visually appealing to me.

I took an art class a long time ago from a woman who had us, on the first day, close our eyes and take a pencil to paper and just draw shapes without lifting your pencil off the paper.  Mine tended toward circles and soft edges.  That exercise, she explained, is what defines your art style.  It's your "art DNA" if you will....At the time I was like, really???  How could that be?  It's inherent in us.  I found that to be fascinating.  Something I had never really thought about.   And  it's something you can't change.  Now you're thinking I'm crazy...that you can paint whatever you want!  That's true to a certain extent, but the beauty of art is that you're going to paint the still life in front of you....entirely different from the person next to you. 

Lately, I feel like I'm caught in a fragile sort of bubble that I don't want to pop.  That as long as I'm in the bubble, I am safe.  Ever feel that way?  Waxing way too philosophical for this Sunday morning.  Think I'll go back and listen to Nat King Cole from last Sunday's post!

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