Saturday, September 8, 2012


The annual book fair at our local library took place last week...I was happy to see so many people buying "real" books....I went there in search of books to alter and books to read.  And I love to go to the "ephemera" table where I often find fun "little" books ...this year there was a Klimt book!  

I found a book in the children's section...a perfect size to alter, and it's called SUNFLOWER HOUSES.  This book is going to be filled with paper dolls and gardens and such.  I've posted about Sunflowers several times on my's how this book is starting out:
 This page features a house which I painted, stamped, glued, etc., before I attached it to the page.  Some of the graphics here are from Sandy Gordon, Art Tea Life (you can find her on ETSY).  You'll see more of her graphics as this book progresses....

Here is how the doll looks....
 and I can just slip her into and out of the house as it's a pocket. So for today, BEE HAPPY.

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