Saturday, September 8, 2012


One last post for the my new altered book.  

 I had already created the little "Kiss" paper doll using Hershey's Kisses wrappers...perhaps should have made her more "va va voom"...but then maybe her innocence is appealing...and I needed to create some art to put her in.  And it's all about the KISS.  The paper doll is tied to the page with ribbon.  I'm not old enough to have seen the newspaper KISS of very famous a photograph and I love it.  Then, of course, I couldn't actually leave out the musical group...KISS.  And Rosanno Brazzi and Katharine Hepburn smooching in SUMMERTIME, 1955.
Last but not least, my all time favorite song...AS TIME GOES BY, from Casablanca.  For those of you not old enough to be familiar with some of don't know what you've missed!
This is how the pages look side by side.

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Anonymous said...

oooo wooooow, i clearly missed out on some of your posts on your blog while being on holiday. You are one busy bee. I love your work, you are great !