Sunday, September 2, 2012


Strathmore Art Journal

You might wonder why I'm calling this post...WEEDING....but it was while doing some weeding in my driveway, that I made a discovery.  There are these flat, lacy sort of weeds that seem to like coming up through the gravel.  And while for the most part, I was pulling them out....I found them kind of architecturally interesting.  
So....I pulled a couple of them out and I took a small water bottle with a mixture of Italian Sage acrylic paint and water.  I laid the weeds on the page and sprayed.  You don't get the actual pattern of the weed, because the paint is too watered down,  but what you do get when the paint hits the paper is very cool.  So I decided that once the green layer dried, I'd add another color.  So the second layer is Midnight Blue.  The end result is sort of a marbled effect.  Actually, you could do an interesting sky.  Or try it with metallics... 

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Gwen Buchanan said...

You're right. this is a very Cool pattern. experimenting opens our eyes.