Sunday, January 6, 2013

....artful Journey


I am having so much fun in my new journal.  It's amazing how just one small thing can set you on the path....for me it was the suggestion at the very beginning of this journal, that it was intended to be a ...trave-e-logue.  So I'm traveling...close to home.  

What do you take on a journey?  On a trip, I would pack a good book.  On a journey....I am writing the book.  The little doodle on the right hand page of me (that's supposed to be me) is drawn on  a white envelope.  Not sure why I kept it, but it was tacked to my bulletin board.  So when I started to think about what was going on these pages...that little piece of an envelope became my inspiration, my "starting point." 
 So on my artful journey....I have to have STARS from heaven...that's a must...I love stars!  And I need to know that there is an ANGEL watching out for me ( I believe there is one assigned to me); and I have to BELIEVE in what I am doing & I clearly have to be open to POSSIBILITIES!  Hope I recognize them.  I need a song in my HEART...I always have one....a spritz...just a spritz... of common sense. I have to stay slightly grounded. LOVE, that's a hard me, it just is.  And last but not least and possibly most important....I have to LET let my art be real to me.  That's it.  That's what I'm taking on my journey!

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