Sunday, January 20, 2013


My Red Journal
It's hard not to do something with "hearts" when it's in a red journal.  I printed this photo of my brother on muslin recently, to see if it would work and I was amazed out how clear it came out.  Not sure what grade he was in....back in the day....I'll have to ask him.  It's been a bumpy week in my world and when that happens, you think about what defines you and, thus, the inspiration for my book....because it's family.  
In the photo, I noticed my brother has a tie with polka dots on it and I had a piece of paper with polka dots...perfect.  I also had some alphabet beads that spell his name...Bill, and the 5th bead has a tiny red heart.  The gold frame is from one of those magazine inserts that encourage you to subscribe perfect it is for this!  The right hand page is painted red, has some sheet music on it and a big heart made of cheesecloth that I added molding paste to and painted gold...a brother with a heart of gold. XO

Here they are a bit larger:

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