Friday, March 1, 2013

A Good Read - Without Reservations

I love Friday nights.  It's the best night of the week.  My work week is done and the entire weekend stretches out in front of me.  I'm too tired to do art work, but I'm looking forward to hooking up with my latest book, Without Reservations by Alice Steinbach.  
This is a very light "read"...great bedtime reading.  I want to share this....I've shared this with a lot of people this week....because it's a book about someone taking that "risk" and doing something that's outside their comfort zone.  It's something I think many of us  (women) think about doing...but would never do.  So, as you're reading this book about a woman (50's+) who takes a leave of absence from her job as a live abroad for a year...imagine yourself walking through the neighborhoods of Paris and taking a class at Oxford and in Italy...well, I'm still in Italy! I haven't finished the book yet.  I almost don't want to finish the book!  I wish I had highlighted some of the lines I liked best but since I'll probably share this book, I think the reader should not be influenced by what resonated with me.  Suffice to say....and we all do it....we don't live in the moment.  We're always wishing time away, i.e., "the week is half's closer to the weekend"  instead of just living our lives the moment.  I'm always procrastinating about creating the art I want to create...never enough TIME!  You have to make the time for what you love. It's not so easy. 

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