Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ode To Spring

Home & Garden Altered Book

It's amazing how just a little touch of spring outside can energize you on many levels.  I sat down last night knowing that I wanted to do something in this book....but what???  Since it's Easter Sunday...I wanted to see flowers blooming.  My sister gave me a roll of duct tape for Christmas...I know that sounds funny, but it's the checkerboard pattern in this art work.  It's been calling to me but I wasn't sure where I wanted to use it...until last night.  

If you've ever used duct tape around the house (and who hasn't), you know that in a instant, you could end up with a kink or crease in's very sticky.
I didn't want to end up with it ruining my page, because once I put it on the page....I knew that would be it.  So...I got smart!  I took a piece of copy paper and laid down two strips...clean and perfect!  And then I cut the shapes I wanted and glued them to the page.  Perfect solution and they clearly are the "statement" on these pages.  And I used a hole punch and cut some of the leftovers and glued dots.  The big circles are from a page that I did with my Gelliart plate and cut with a  punch. Am I finished with this?  Never sure...I could end up adding a bumble bee or butterfly...but one thing I do makes me feel as if spring has arrived.

Closer views...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like the direction in which you are going, i sooooo love this page ... X, Sophie