Sunday, March 24, 2013


"There is no life I know
to compare with
pure imagination..."
   Judy Collins

Art Journal

I haven't been able to stop thinking and talking about seeing Judy Collins in concert last week.  I don't know why I've never seen her before...but I knew it was now or never!  So my friend Jan and & went for a gal's night out.   OMG.  I've seen her on PBS, but there's nothing like hearing a person's music live.  Her voice is still as pure and clear as ever....she can still hit the high notes.  And...her songs tell such wonderful stories.  That's what folk singers do.  And in between the songs, she would share little snippets of her life....her classical training and more.  

So when I am really inspired by something...I have to get out my paints and get my feelings on the paper.  I don't need words although sometimes I use them.  I have my ticket stub collaged on the page.  And I love the words from one of her songs...."There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination..." her songs, her music....inspire me on my artful journey.  The picture is my attempt at capturing her in my "folk art" sort of way, the distinguishing feature being her long locks of hair.  So, you may have an old cd of hers covered in dust....treat yourself....listen to her magical words and she'll take you on a trip.....

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