Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Veteran in my house....

Altered Book
Veteran of the War in Afghanistan
My siblings and I email back and forth, often testing each other's knowledge of our family history.  Most recently, it was about our paternal grandfather who died when my father was in college.  He's buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Sometimes I curse modern technology and sometimes I embrace it...but who knew that you could email the cemetery and they could email what the actual headstone looks like!  Well, they did and my brother shared it with his 3 sisters.  I'm not posting that photo here, but suffice to's pretty nice to have.  He died in 1938.  
The pages above...I am so proud of....I didn't really paint much of anything here except a little of the background. The red, white and blue in the top right hand corner are paint chips I picked up in the hardware store yesterday.  I was going to paint the back of Tom's car, but I didn't think I would do it justice.  Yesterday in the drizzle here, I asked him to go outside and take a photo of the back of his car and, especially, his newly acquired license plate.  The photo of him was taken in 2009 when he became a Marine at Parris Island.  The flag on the left was cut out of a Coastal Living magazine.
That's all of my Memorial Day art work for this weekend....I have to save some ideas for the next holiday....July 4th!

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