Sunday, July 12, 2015

Blue and more BLUE!!!!

Another great find on my trip
to Barnes & Noble today
I love going to bookstores.  I didn't really have anything in mind today....I just wanted to wander and look and touch....after all...the feel of different papers is really sublime.  At least to me it is.  
Before I left the house, I sat out on my deck reading the latest issue of House Beautiful that had just arrived.  The July issue.  Sometimes, I find the designs too modern and cold for my taste;  this issue I loved.  The first house featured is a charming home in Charleston, SC.  Then there's a studio apt in Manhattan (525 sq. ft....for some that's a nice closet).  The resident is a 27 yr old male designer.  I would just like to know how a guy that young could already have acquired what he has and I can only think that he is an "old soul".
There are other sweet designs in the magazine which I won't go into detail on here.  One thing I do often wonder, however, is when they give you the sources for the fabrics, lamps, whatever....they rarely tell you "who painted that amazing painting that hangs over the sofa!"  Why is that!  
Another thing...I love seeing books stacked here and there in these designs.  I have books stacked here and there in my living room and they are a true reflection of who I am and what I like.  When visiting someone's abode for the first time...don't you kind of like to look at the book jackets to see what they've collected?  One last note on the designs...I think that designers tend to put too many chotskies all over the place. Perhaps everyone inside the pages of House Beautiful has someone who dusts frequently.....otherwise that would make me crazy.
So the BLUE book above I spotted today and low and's from House Beautiful!  350 ways to decorate with blue!! Wonderful photographs inside.  The book is 5 x 7.  Sweet.  It's my 2nd "blue" book this year...the other I blogged about fairly recently...from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  While I'm on the subject of books whose title are just a word...I also have a RED book that I bought quite a few years ago.  It has no jacket, just the word RED embossed in the cover.  

It has an unusual assembly of photographs...people, art, fashion.  It says it was translated from the French.  So I have two BLUE books and one RED....I wonder if there's a YELLOW somewhere?  This new BLUE book I'll save for later this afternoon, sipping a glass of wine on my deck and enjoying this beautiful summer day....

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