Saturday, July 18, 2015


Watercolor Pencils

Practicing some sketching today.  This is another page created from a magazine photo inspiration...

This page was a challenge...the hardest part are the straps on each of these shoes.  Having the inspiration photo...I can't recommend this enough.  I find it's training my eyes to really look at the shadows, angles, negative space, etc. etc.
I sketched them first, and then used my watercolor pencils and, lastly, a paint brush to go over all of the colored pencil work.  The paper in this book is not for watercolor and I did not gesso it...not sure why.  It might have been better if I had put the gesso down first.  All in all, happy with the results.  
A close-up of one of the shoes... Just have to keep practicing my art.  Before you recycle your magazines, see if there are some photos that speak to you and give them a try in your journal.  

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