Sunday, August 16, 2015

Challenged by Flowers

3.5 x 5

At my sister's prodding, I've started a small journal to practice drawing flowers.
She's doing the same with faces.  I have a love/hate relationship with flowers.  I've seen so many wonderful paintings of flowers might not even be able to identify what flower it is...but nevertheless, you know it's a flower.  I don't really want to paint realistic flowers....just impressions.  It's not that simple.  Sometimes, they look like blobs.  I bought this little book to practice  different mediums, different flowers.  I need to loosen up!

Here are two more....the one on the left is done with watercolor pencils and the one  on the right....I just drizzled ink straight from the dropper.  I actually like it better than the stylized flower on the left.
These are coneflowers, painted with acrylics.  There was a photo of these on the  cover of the Home section of our weekly newspaper this week so I tried to copy them.

And with these two pages, I made a copy of one of my journal pages and cut it up to create these two pages....which I kind of like.  Is this cheating?

I'm going to continue this exercise of trying to paint a flower(s) almost everyday.  It's a nice little exercise and being that's it's on 3.5 x 5 in. pages, it's do-able.  I want to do paintings with flowers...I have to get over my fear of them!

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