Sunday, August 30, 2015

Training The Eyes to See

Art Journal
Mixed Media

On the left is the inspiration photo
On the right is my interpretation
I love this photo.  There was a series of photos in the magazine I took this from.  Some had several young women in the hats...they were all wonderful so it was hard to choose which one was going to be my inspiration.  More than the face on this one....I was intrigued as to how the dress would come out in the end.  And I decided to just leave the background with the texture from the papers I had glued and gessoed and not add any color or even the item she's leaning against to the page.  I debated adding some shadows...but again, decided that I was done.  I like her the way she is. I guess that's when you know your painting is finished!

I added some papers to the page

Added white paint that I spread all over the paper

A close up of her skirt

and, alas, her face

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Morna Crites-Moore said...

I love this picture ... and I think her face is beautiful, especially her eyes.