Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Gift from my Sister....from the heart

Desk Top Calendar
with my art!
My sister, who is a "techie extraordinaire", put together this calendar using my art that she photographed (unbeknownst to me).  She used Shutterfly. Above is the cover which is actually part of some art on a journal cover that I have.  She said it was challenging to fit the photos to the program as she was using parts of my art, not an entire page.  See further...

The art on the left is part of the first page of a journal I started last January.  

And here is February.....with the bird above.

March...the Raggedy Ann love this if I say so myself.  

April says "Your life is big.  Keep reaching".  The way Dianne cropped the photos so those words weren't lost is perfect!

May...May flowers in bloom!  I'm showing you all of the months....
June is actually the same as the calendar cover, COLOR.
July, below....

For August she chose the boat painting which I did in a Paint and Wine class, and also a painting from one of my journals, Moroccan architecture.

September...a sentimental favorite

October...the artist at work....


...the playful side of me, it says "what do you do when no one is watching"

December, last but not least...HOME.

I can't even begin to share what this calendar means to me.  So special...she put a lot of time into putting it together.  And I love her color choices for the calendar months themselves that go so well with the paintings.  It's all just amazing and I love it.  (When the calendar is sits like a tent, the black being the bottom when the calendar is opened). I LOVE IT!!!

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