Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to the Red, White & Blue

I haven't done a painting in my Red, White & Blue journal since the "vette", so felt it was time.  I've been focused on collage work but I don't want to forget my painting because that's what I really like to here is a portion of a cabinet in my house ( I know it's crooked...but art isn't perfect!) And the American flag does actually hang down over it.  The cabinet is filled with all kinds of things that I love...china, silver, a small white demitasse cup that says "peace" on it, the book Amazing Peace, by Maya Angelou given to me by my friend, Nancy; the ruby red glassware plates/glasses, that belonged to my grandmother that I never knew....and maybe her mother but I don't know that for sure and no one is around to ask anymore....they are all "just things", but they have a story and that's what makes them special...even if they rarely come out....I walk by them several times a day.  
It's a peaceful Friday night at my house....loving it.

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