Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ebb and Flo

I've been thinking on and off all day, the ideas coming and going,  about what my next art project is going to be....and when you're waiting for that inspiration....what do you clean and reorganize your creative space...which I spent time doing today.  So I want to do the next house in my "house series" and the above picture is part of it.  I like doing hands in art.  While your brain may come up with the's your hand(s) that execute it.  
So, these are some of the pieces that I hope will come together when all is said and done.  The "house" is waiting to dry...I glued various things to the paper and then I covered it with a molding paste.  Tomorrow I will sand it and add the next layer.  I hope this will all work out with the vision in my head.   I had great fun doing the hand with my watercolor pencils.  Stay tuned....
...a better look at the hand...while I was doing this...I could hear lots of fireworks going off celebrating today, Labor Day.  This is a day when hands are supposed!


Linda said...

I agree with you totally about 'waiting for inspiration'.....I do the same as you :-)
The hand is so colourful and the close up looks great as a piece on its an ATC.

simply blue said...

Thank you, Linda!