Monday, September 6, 2010

My "House"

I'll start with the finished product...(are they ever really finished?)  It has lots of color!  Originally I was going to put the hand coming up from the bottom of the page, but ended up liking it on the left of the picture.  There is a lot of metallic gold in the picture, but that's hard to tell in this photograph.  There is a photo of me with Tom tucked in on the left and the top window is a photo from my house, printed on vellum.   The heart on the right is made of rusty metal....maybe that is my heart...hmm...

 First came the sanding stage....

Here is the work in progress...I should have taken this in natural light so you could see the real wasn't blue!  But you can see the music and you can see the molding paste and there are some collage elements showing through after I sanded it.

And here are the pieces waiting to be assembled.  I had added some color to the house.  You can see I work messy...and in the middle of doing all of this, I dropped a container that had so many pieces of ephemera...buttons, letters, rhinestones, brads....I haven't recovered all of them yet.  One thing for sure, I'm not afraid of color.  And I never have enough room to put everything I want into the picture.  This was definitely fun.

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