Friday, September 10, 2010

The Book Fair

Last weekend was the annual book fair at our local library.  It's a large affair...people come from all over to find the great deals/treasures.  I went, not actually looking for books to read as I already have many unread books waiting on my nightstand...but rather to look for interesting things to use in collage and mixed media art.  I am never disappointed and the price is right.  

As you have seen on many of my posts, I've been doing fun little houses.  I love looking at houses, seeing how people live both in the US and abroad (House Hunters Int'l on HGTV...interesting!)  I love to see how they decorate them, what they collect....what the inside...and outside too, tells about the inhabitants.  

I've been going to an altered book class once a month to learn techniques, and while I was at the book fair, I found the book I want to be my first official, altered book. And it is....

I will read the book before I alter it...I would feel guilty if I didn' couldn't be more perfect for me...A Painted House.  You might think that all of the little individual houses I am doing would satisfy....but not.  There are just too many interesting things about houses!  The architecture, the period, the style, the colors, the setting, ghosts (?), what's in the attic....  Just this little bit of the house you see in the cover photo interests me.  I'm not ready to dive in yet...after all, I still have to read the book and I haven't even read the notes yet to see what it is about.   But I can't wait.

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