Sunday, July 8, 2012

Feeling the heat??

La Femme Altered Book
Well, this is a complete switch from the Still Life Study I did must be the heat!  I just decided to go crazy with color today, using my water soluble crayons which I love.  And the whole basis for these pages, especially the woman, is a little piece called an "inchie" which I got at an art workshop...4 summers ago???  Not sure.  But there was a very creative woman there who had made lots of "inchies" and she gave each of us one.  The inchie is what I have placed where the eye goes.....
 and I should have taken a close up of it because it has one word one on it....arouse.  So thus the sort of exotic woman here....
....looking back at you here when you open the "window."

 and this is what she looked like before I started moving the crayon around with my paintbrush.  A sassy woman of color. 

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