Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let The Fun Begin

Strathmore Art Journal Cover

I decided to switch gears a little bit, and pulled out a Strathmore Art Journal....and started right in on doing the cover.  As I often find, with me anyway...I didn't want to "over think" what I was going to put there. I went to one of my favorite sources of inspiration...napkins!  I started this picture from the bottom up.  Once I had glued some of the napkin on the bottom half of the idea formed!  The napkin became the bottom of a light and airy gown on this young, red-headed woman.  I like the little bit of texture that a napkin adds to a page.  Once the painting was done....and it is the cover, after all....I struggled with what words to needed words.  She looks like she's going to be doing, a good theme for a blank art journal....Let The Fun Begin!!!!  (I also put a coat of decoupage on the cover to protect the wear and tear on the napkin)

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