Monday, December 31, 2012


 I've forged ahead and these are the next 2 pages in my new art journal.  I wanted to play with the new water soluble crayons I got for Christmas.  There is nothing that compares with the richness of color that these crayons provide.  I started by just making the circle marks with a pencil and then I started coloring them.  It's important to put a good amount of the crayon on the paper to get this richness.  Once you dip your flat paintbrush in water and start moving the color's a wonderful feeling!  Hard to describe, but it just feels lush as you're doing it.  
When I opened this journal, it had a spot inside the front cover that said it was a trav-e-logue.  And while I'm not hopping a plane and going somewhere, this book has started out as a journey of sorts.  It's my heART and soul journey.  I saved the white circle for SOUL.  

 And I have more words of wisdom from John O'Donohue....I could do this whole book using his quotes!  "Your soul knows the geography of your destiny..." IS about travel...a journey.....
and the rest of it says...
 (if you can't read the type,  click on the image)

If I wanted to, I could fill this entire book with just shapes using these crayons...boxes, triangles, hearts, whatever.  You don't have to be able to draw to create art that appeals to you.  Who knows, I may add more to this art...don't know, but that's it for 2012.  Be true to your ART and your SOUL.

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